Cleaning Out My Cupboard Of Old Clothes + Vlog

I admit it – I’m a lazy slob. I do not do proper cleaning of my stuff in my room. Well there’s a maid who comes in on weekdays and every alternate day she sweeps the floor. But overall I do not organize my stuff properly and do very little in the cleaning stuff bit. Also I’m very bad at clearing out old & unused stuff. Case in point :


That top layer was filled with dust ridden old clothes – old clothes that are too tight for me and which I haven’t worn since 2007-early 2008. Yet did I thrown them, send them for charity pickup or recycling? No! I just left them in there to smell and collect dust till this morning. I finally have decided that I am going to make some changes in my life and that starts with my stuff. I am planning to get a couple of bookshelves for my room and in order to do that I have to do some reorganizing. I have this old steel cupboard and the built in cupboard. Once I get rid of the junk from my built in cupboard and clean it up, I can move some stuff from the steel cupboard into the empty spaces of my built in and then remove the steel one.


That frees up space in my room to get the bookshelves that I want to get and arrange them in such a way that they don’t take up too much space in my room so it doesn’t look too crowded. I have some plans to display not just my books but also some knick knacks and collectibles that I have and plan to get. It’s high time I made my outlook reflect the interests that I have and not just keep things cultured in one closed place just because of some limitations imposed on me and also self imposed.


So here is the before and after of the main layer of clothes like shirts and pants. The top layer was mostly for underwear and hankies. I’ve also kept a couple of knick-knacks and some files, including hard copies of my resume and bank stuff in it. The bottom layer has a lot of junk and I need to sort them out soon as well. So the time has come for a new computer chair (perhaps even a new table) and some book shelves. Let’s see what happens. This will take some time. I only plan to do it slowly over the next couple of months. Here’s the video.

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