Close To The Vampire Shift

I am back doing a later shift at work this week. This Monday to Friday I am doing a 10:30 pm to 7:30 am shift. Yeah! I am almost a vampire these days. Sleep in the mornings and early afternoons and work at night.

My schedule is simple. I take a shower at 8pm and then have dinner. I get ready by 9:15 pm and book an Uber to go to the office. I usually reach in half an hour as there isn’t much traffic. I work and take a couple of small breaks in between for a snack or some juice. I leave the office floor at 7 am and go down a floor to the cafeteria for breakfast – a nice solid breakfast as I don’t eat lunch. An omelet with a couple of slice of bread and samosas or pathiri or something else with coffee. Definitely coffee. Then I book my Uber and come back home and switch on my laptop.

I take off my clothes and get into bed and watch a couple of episode of Corner Gas until I fall asleep. Which is usually before 8:45 and I sleep till almost 3pm. Then I watch more tv shows and get outta bed by 5pm, make some coffee and a snack and go online. At 8pm it starts again.

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