Cochin Bloggers Meet Up @ CCD

Binny, a blogger from Cochin had this little Tweet sometime this evening:

Cochin Bloggers Meeting Tommorow(22nd Mar) at 5 PM, Cafe Coffee Day, Ravipuram.

I’m excited at the prospect of meeting fellow bloggers in my city. So I first asked Binny as to how many bloggers have signed up to join in the discussion tomorrow and if there was any agenda for the meeting. Like if it turned out to be a tech-fest then I wouldn’t be able to contribute. Turns out that just 5 people have confirmed that they will be attending and there is no agenda – just coffee and chatting.

I’m going to try to make it. This is exciting news and I so wanna be there. The 5 pm  timing is the only thing I don’t like; everything thing else is fine.

I will try to make it.

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