Coffee, Croissants And Reading A Book

A nice way to de-stress after the working week is to relax with a good book and some coffee at one of your local coffeeshops. I prefer cold coffees & frappes to hot since a) I can make hot coffee at home & b) we live in a hot nation/state. I enjoyed a soft & wonderful croissant with my frappe as I read my book while trying to ignore the crappy music playing on the stereo and the couple near me who seemed to intent on displaying their affection in public.

After having caught an eyeful of a babe’s tight jeans-encased round buttocks (I am such a pervert I know), I heard a man’s loud & angry protests. Turns out that, a couple of tables away, a man had come in with his two young sons (I would put them at the between 12-8 year age bracket) to meet an acquaintance and drink coffee. I had earlier noticed that the two boys were a bit annoyingly loud as well.

Well, back to the incident, the man was irate that the he was brought three huge cold frappes by the staff – the guy claimed that he hadn’t ordered them. The staff said that one of his sons had done so. The man shouted that he had heard his son only ask for water and why would they bring some pricey coffees to him. He said that his son couldn’t even pronounce those coffees ordered. He said that their service was becoming worse day by day and that he would complain to their owner or manager or whomever.

lawman online That last line that he said reminded me of something – I had seen this bugger somewhere before! And on close scrutiny I knew who it was – it was the ‘I’m back in form fucker’ species iii movie download who I had seen in Barista about a month back. What does he do for fun – get to personally know all the owners/franchise managers of coffeeshops in Cochin? Rude, obnoxious and an asshole to boot. I think he didn’t want his sons to drink any coffee there and that the boy had infact ordered the drinks. Jerk!

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