Coffee, Drinks & Lunch With Sujith

My cousin Sujith & I decided to meet today for some coffee and then drinks with lunch. So he met me at Lens & Frames as I was ordering my new frames and ….er….lenses and we then moved to Convent Junction. There’s a new coffee shop called Coffee Cube (to which I have been once but didn’t try anything) and although we were both looking  forward to trying out another placed called Fort Cafe, we just couldn’t find it. Since no one at Convent Junction knew where the latter was, we decided that Coffee Cube it was. It’s not too big although the shop looks more cramped due to the layout of their furniture – huge sofas settees placed in the middle and towards one wall leaves very little place to move about and you end up feeling very cramped. Still their coffees seem to be very good. Sujo  had a Butterscotch Frappe and I had a Choco chip Frappe. He also had a chocolate donut while I bought some french fries.

I must tell you that Convent Junction is THE place to do some serious bird watching. And them birds were out in full force. Birds on the right, birds behind me, birds to the front. Birds coming in to the cafe and walking all around the road below where I was sitting. But surprising enough a simple yet elegant and pretty girl sitting right next to us was the one that stood out. Isn’t it always like that – make up and tight jeans and fancy attire can only go so far!

We spend a long time there and then went on to Velocity for lunch. We had vodka & 7up with koondhal (squid) fry, beef, then butter chicken with fried rice (for him) and noodles (for me). We had three rounds each by which we were both were feeling sleepy and so we parted ways and I came back home to watch Star Trek episodes.

Tomorrow is all rest & relaxation at home with some reading.

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