A Wish For Rain & Coffee

It has been a very tiring week. Month end reports, searching for data. Working on data. Computing data. Struggling to get data. Then putting it together to create more data. Working on Excel sheets and ppts. Sending out emails after emails. But it’s been worse than the previous year and a half. But I am glad that it’s over….for now.

I have also been feeling a little tired. Actually a whole lot tired and it’s because I can’t get much sleep these days. It hasn’t rained since last Friday night. Well maybe a little trickle. And it’s hot & humid and dry as a desert. So I sweat a lot and I get drained of energy. I lie in bed every night watching a movie or tv series. After an hour, my sheets & pillow covers are soaked. I drink a lot of water to replace all the liquid that I lose but what about the salt?

Anyway, I decided to leave the office 30 minutes early and headed out to Cafe Coffee Day near Shenoy’s Junction. After suffering some really annoying fellow passengers who acted like idiots rather than grown men, I got down and walked over to the cafe…it was empty of customers and cool! Perfect. I bought a hot dog and a frappe and it felt good. I love coffee but I love it even more when it’s cold. Especially during weather like this.

Then I came home and it’s even more hot and sweaty. I hope it rains.

2 thoughts on “A Wish For Rain & Coffee

  1. I hereby send you some of our very wet, wet rains! They are rather cold too, just so you’re prepared. :)

  2. Oh I want a wet wet rain. I want it to start raining now and for it to not stop for the next 48 hours.

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