Coffee @ The Window Watching The Rain

the black pimpernel online For the entire morning & afternoon it was cloudy and gloomy today. By 2:30 pm the clouds blocked the sun and it was quite dark outside. I lay on my bed and watched Star Trek episodes on my computer. It was a big humid and I knew that rain was in store.

By around 5 pm you could hear the rumblings of thunder and there was lightning. I switched the pc off and went to get some coffee. I took my cup and went to sit in the common room which is opposite my bedroom. There was a lovely breeze blowing in through the open windows and onto my face as I sat at the desk and sipped my coffee.

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I sat there and enjoyed the breeze while it rained outside. I watched the clouds glide through the sky, the roads getting a wash, a few vehicles making their way to their destination and people walking under umbrellas. It was quite & peaceful and I was content for that 30 minutes or so that I spent there.

In one word : bliss.

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