Coffee vs. Tea

I prefer coffee a whole lot more. It’s only in recent years, ok maybe the last 2, that I’ve started drinking tea here and there. I prefer black tea for when its hot. I also drank a few Hibiscus Genko tea which tasted really sweet and was quite fragrant. At this one cafe, which is now closed down, I used to enjoy Raspberry Tea, Lemon & Honey tea, served cold and delicious. I was particularly fond of Raspberry flavoured iced tea.

Coffee is ofcourse my favrouite drink, hot or cold. I’m addicted to it. I like all kinds of coffee – espresso, capuccino, lattes, mochas, frappes, ice coffees, macchiatos and all kinds of ice cold creamy goodness. When I go out I usually drink it cold as I can always get hot coffee at home. But to beat the heat, a cold coffee does the trick all the time. Unless I am slightly under the weather, in which case a nice hot Irish Coffee will do just fine.

Coffee wins 8 points to 2!

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