Cold, Sore Throat And Phlegm

I wasn’t sure how I was able to manage today but in the end it all worked out find. I woke up on Sunday morning with a bad head cold and sneezing. Well it started on Saturday but it wasn’t that bad until late into the night. Sunday I spent at home trying to watch movies and resting up but I knew by later afternoon that I would be a little too ill. And my voice went out as my throat as sore. And quite a bit of phlegm too!

So I arranged for a colleague to conduct the training for today. I went in by 9 am and did some other work where my voice didn’t need to be used. I had several cups of hot black coffee today – drinking one now as a matter of fact – I was able to still relax as there was hardly anyone to bother me and I was able to even enjoy my lunch with some colleagues. Post lunch it was more of the same and I relieved my colleague by 5pm as he had come in much earlier and was feeling tired.

At 6pm I left the trainees of the batch and sent out my reports. I left the office premises by 6:20 pm and did not want to go anywhere for a sandwich or anything. I just wanted to make it home by 7pm, buy a few small snacks and get another cup of coffee which I can drink in leisure, in my room, while sitting in front of the laptop and listening to some rock music. Ain’t nothing more good for the body than that!

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