Continuing The Work From Home

Another work week has started. This week too it’s at a desirable 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm shift. And today is gonna be a bit relaxing as I mostly have to really work only for an hour or 2 and then it’s at a more leisurely pace. We also have some work that needs to be done on our apartment windows and doors – the windows need a hinge replacement and I need to change the peep hole of the front door.

I have a session setup for the new hires which will be conducted by someone from another department and he can take it for 2-3 hours if needed. I can relax and do some other work in the meanwhile. I hope this week is a good one as well. I am tired and I am expecting some packages in the mail. Dvds ofcourse but I am so excited that I am getting those packages. It’s getting delayed a lot due to Covid-19 and it’s begun to start becoming really irritating. I will never complain about regular standard international shipping anymore, if and when things go back to normal. The 2 weeks plus seems so much better than the month or more now. I used to think I could pay for faster shipping but no thanks, I will take standard international during non-Convid times.

It’s a nice 28 C here. Coldish wind blowing in, highest at 21km/h. I like this weather. It’s multiple hot coffee weather. I even think that in the evening I might order some hot chocolate from Cafe Coffee Day.

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