Cooking In My Teens – Nostalgia Unbound

I know I have mentioned this previously but not blogged about the whole thing – back when I was a teenager, somewhere between the ages of 15-17 if I remember correctly, my cousin Manoj and I made some pizzas for the rest of our cousins. Yes we two teens actually cooked a few pizzas for the rest of the bunch.

What we had were pizza bread base that we used to get here in India at some supermarkets, more like khuboos, not too thick and about the size of a small pizza base. The other ingredients were grated cheese that we also got from the menu, tomato ketchup from a bottle (since we didn’t have any real tomato paste), chopped up tomatoes & onions, mushrooms that his mom gave us, green peppers and some kind of shredded meat which his mom had already cooked (I’m not so sure about this). Ok, now “cooked” is a big stretch of the imagination! It was more like Manoj & I spread the tomato sauce on the bread base, sprinkled the cheese that we shredded and then placed all the toppings that we had chopped up along with the meat. And we’d heat it in the microwave oven.

They were a great hit and our cousins hungrily & gratefully ate up all the pizzas. I think each person had atleast 2 and some possibly 3 each. The mushrooms were delicious and so were the rest of the pizzas. Unfortunately – we ran out of the stuff by the time everyone else had eaten and the two of us didn’t get any and we were starving. So we ended up with just the bread bases and eggs that we cooked and ate them up. Still it was a fun experience that I remember so fondly from my teenage years.

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