Cooking With Roshan : Veggie Wraps

So what do you do when you are home alone and there’s nothing to eat for dinner and you can’t be bothered to go out to a nearby store to buy something & too broke to order take out? And oh you can’t really cook! You do what I do!

There were a few ready made chappathies left in the fridge that came to my rescue but I can’t make anything to go with it. Plus there are no eggs remaining and no jam (we don’t keep either cheese or butter). Here’s what I did : I chopped up a huge onion, then 3/4 of a tomato and half of a green pepper. Added some oil in the frying pan and started to fry them.

After a few minutes of heat, the oil and my constant stirring in the pan made them all nice and, I think the word is caramelized. I think I did put a little more oil than I intended to but soon the pppt, pppt of the oil frying made the stuff in the pan look like this:

Here is a close up. Sorry that it isn’t so clear.

Soon I scooped the onions, green peppers & tomato fried with my spatula (nicknamed Dracula) and dropped them into a plate.

I heated up the chappathies in the same frying pan and made wraps by dividing the stuff between them. Dinner is served for one!

They were ok. Like I said, I think I used a bit too much oil. I had carrots in the fridge but I wanted to save them for lunch today. I so wish that I could actually cook. Time to learn some stuff.

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