Coughing My Sunday Away

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I woke up this morning with a nasty cough that feels like my chest is being ripped out from the inside without the aid of an anesthetic.  It’s that bad! I coughed so much in the morning that by 12:30 pm I was dead tired and I wanted to lie down for a while. So much for planning on going this Sunday. I’ll just enjoy my day off resting on my bed and browsing on the internets.

I’ve had loads of black coffee today. I watched Star Trek III : The Search For Spock today afternoon and enjoyed the banter of the original cast. They can never be replaced and they probably are the most beloved cast of any tv series. I’ve also found a link that let me download a few music albums in mp3 format. They are zipped and free for download. I got a couple of albums of Steve Morse, a Rush album & I’m currently dowloading a Jeff Beck classic.

5 thoughts on “Coughing My Sunday Away

  1. It’s ok Techno. I’m used to getting sick, especially during the Nov-Dec time every year. My asthma also acts up at this time of the year. As for a vacation – I wish I could!

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