Covid-19 Work@Home Schedule

So as I have mentioned before, I have been working from home ever since the lockdown started here. The company I work for managed to get the work desktops shipped out to us via company cabs for those in the city and nearby towns and later via large trucks to people who stay far away and had to go back to their hometowns. I missed a couple of days due to feeling ill with a bad headcold and some asthma related issues.

Since last Sunday I am working a 10 shift. I start at around 10 and take breaks as and when I need it. Usually I take 10-15 minute breaks whenever I get tired. I don’t take longer breaks since I was to be able to take more breaks in between especially since it has been hot and humid and I prefer to get rest in between. I can even take 10 minute breaks every hour if I start off my work earlier than 10.

My breaks are usually to drink a lot of water. When I get a bit hungry I will get an apple to eat (I have been buying a lot of apples these days) and keeping them in the fridge means it tastes even more yummy and usually does the trick. I avoided coffee for a while and instead drank cold fruit juice but since it is this late I had to start drinking coffee, usually at around 4 am or 5 am as this is the time that I usually start feeling more tired.

By 8 or 8:30 I wind up my work and start looking out for breakfast. Usually it’s cornflaskes or something light but a couple of times I have also ordered a quick breakfast using one of the online food delivery apps. A few days ago I had a most delicious breakfast and I think I might order that either tomorrow morning or the day after. As soon as breakfast is done, I try to go to sleep.

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