Crazy Weather

This time of the year is crazy weather time for us in Kerala. Late October and early November sees afternoon thunder & lightning. It will be sunny all morning and gets all cloudy around lunch time. Then around 2-2:30 pm it starts ~~ you start to heard distant rumbling coming closer to you and it starts to get a little darker every passing minute. Where do u think Guns n’Roses got the inspiration for November Rain from? It’s from Kerala!

In a few minutes *kaboom* the first thunder is heard and soon lightning is so close to your windows, it looks like it’s curtains for you baby! And I don’t mean actual curtains but it would be nice to have thick curtains to cover all your windows. Ok, so back to lightning and *kabooms* for an hour or so and the inevitable power outage. You know, the Kerala State Electricity Board or KSEB is so predictable! You will have power cuts immediately after the lightning and thunder stops; conveniently putting the blame on the weather and mother nature when we all know you are total fuck ups and assfuckers sitting there!

This afternoon was terrible! The thunder was so loud and the lightning so bright and in your face like you were next to a fireworks show. And it rained quite a lot, not heavy rain but a continuous stream followed by drizzle and more rain. As long as we don’t get thunder & lightning, I’m all for rain. Rain a lot, I love rain. But keep your TL away from us! I wish we could come up with some weather control system so no damages can be caused by nature’s strikes against us. Someday in the future!

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