Criminal Minds & The Elusive 3rd Female Cast member

Criminal Minds seems to have a problem in keeping 1/3rd of it’s female cast. One of the best crime dramas out there has enjoyed 10 solid seasons on television and has kept a good hold of it’s cast for the most part. Mandy Patinkin was the only male casualty, opting out of doing the show due to creative differences and was replaced in the 3rd season by Joe Mantegna. But the ladies has been a different story.

Kirsten Vangness has been the one who has been there the most in her role as geeky tech genius Penelope Garcia and A. J Cook has been with the show for 9 seasons, being written out of season 6 due to cost cuts and was brought back in season 7. The other female profiler was initially played by Lola Glaudini Elle Greenaway, but she left early in the second season and was soon replaced by popular choice Paget Brewster who portrayed Emily Prentiss. She and A. J. Cook were released from their contracts by CBS in a cost-cutting move but due to complaints from fans, both she and Cook were rehired and kept for the following season. In the season-seven finale (“Run”, Emily decides to leave the BAU after accepting a position running and returning to the Interpol office in London – IRL Brewster announced via Deadline that she was leaving Criminal Minds at the end of the season to pursue a possible career in comedy television.

Cook’s replacement was Rachel Nichols who was left go by the end of season 6. After Brewster left, she has been replaced by Jeanne Tripplehorn (Dr. Alex Blake, Ph.D.) who lasted 2 seasons and then by the always awesome & lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt, who lasted just one. That’s right Hewitt has also quit the show due to being pregnant and wanting to spend time with her family, just like her character decides on the show. Question is now, who will the producers sign to replace her and will they decided to sign a woman actor or a male one or no one at all? I feel that they show get an actress to maintain that dynamic but let’s see how it goes.

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