Crisis Management Theories

So the training workshop that I had mentioned earlier has just concluded today evening at 7 pm. I had reached the office at 10:45 am and a couple of us decided to stay back till 1 am in order to take as many employees as we could through the Crisis Management sessions. This takes just 20 minutes and we try to cover multiple batches of, ideally 20 employees each. However this depends a lot on the flow of calls that we received at the call center. I got 17 people in my first batch and then I did two batches of 6 each and then the remaining 3 people.

So instead of going home at 8 pm, we went to have dinner and then came back to prepare of the sessions. Arranging notepads, paper, pen & the room takes me about 15 minutes to do so, unless there is a major issue. Getting the keys for the training room, making sure that the chairs are arranged properly and that the projector is functioning. I hate having to make people wait for 20 mins after their shift is over in order for us to deliver the session to them and with the time it takes for them to log off their systems, pick up their belongings from their lockers and file in the training room, it goes up to 30 mins. Then they search for their respective cabs that will take them home and inevitably by the time they would have left the premises, 45 to 50 minutes would have gone by after their shift officially got over. And I don’t like them having to go through it.

Added post session, after 1:45 am

Anyways, by the time I concluded the sessions it was exactly 1 am and I switched off my computer and went to search for my cab and luckily enough, it was just 4 people in a car going to the same route, hence I got home by 1:45 am. Lucky me!

Song for the day – “Born Again In Dixieland” – JASON MCCOY

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