Crowds Or Small Groups?

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

I am not very good at parties or crowds. I like smaller functions where I know most if not all of the people and that makes me feel comfortable. I prefer to spend intimate dinners and cozy get togethers instead of big, loud parties. It’s a personal preference. I’m not against big parties but the last few parties I joined were 10 years ago. I remember going for a few large parties when I worked at Idea and they were good. Loud music, lots of dancing and a big crowd. The two that I went for I have had a nice time. But that was because I knew a lot of the people there.

I like small family parties (small as in less than 50) or office / friends parties of about 30-40. I’ve been to one last year where they had a lot of songs and stuff in between and lots of good food and it was nice. I wasn’t very comfortable there just hung out with a friend and it was ok. But I wouldn’t stay for too long. Other kinds of large parties – forget it! I’m gone in 20 minutes.

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