Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

I forgot one more aspect of yesterday. As none of my team members with whom I had dinner last evening drink any sort of alcohol in any form, I had to host the dinner in a place that does not serve said drinks. This is a sad fact of life but one that I had accepted. They also do not like me drinking, even though truth be said, I drink very moderately in the past few months.

So the plan was to have dinner with the team and then head to a bar. However, I had this huge package with me, the big wall hanging thingy which they gifted me, and carrying it into a bar would be funny. So I thought that I’d just go home  – but not drink on my birthday? WTF? Don’t worry, I had a backup plan in my mind.

See my dad had got this bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey a few weeks ago and I thought, well I’d steal borrow some. Now, I’m not usually a whiskey drinker although I did like Glenfiddich single malts a couple of times and the occasional Johnny Walker. But there was nothing else and so whiskey it was. I bought a half liter of Pepsi from the store right next to my apartment and came home. Got some ice and poured a 60ml of the stuff into ay glass and then a liberal splashing of Pepsi.

Smooth Canadian rye whiskey goes down well. I liked it a lot. I had two glasses of the stuff at my laptop while listening to tunes. A perfect end to a very nice birthday.

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