Cruisin’ – Where I’d Want To Go

Would I like to go on a cruise ship?

Ofcourse. I remember when I was a preteen and read a lot of detective books that featured investigations, murder or even adventure stories that happen while on a ship cruise. I think I even read a Nancy Drew book where the mystery was aboard a ship that was on a cruise (oh hang me to death, I read Nancy Drew all before the age of 13). Some of the episodic tv shows that I watched would have an episode or two that happened on a ship cruise where the leads characters of the tv series just happened to be on or had to board the ship to investigate & solve a mystery/crime. If I remember well perhaps I have seen a mini-series or an old movie which was based on a ship cruise.

These early days of my childhood watching or reading this stuff peaked my curiosity in seeing the world while cruising along in a big ship, stopping by in various ports of call and going on organized tours to the different sights, sitting in open air cafes and buying the local wares. That seems like such an idyllic & lovely way to spend a long vacation. Wearing polo shirts and white pants (I dunno why but that is the image I get in my head) sunglasses and a hat to cover your head. Walking tours and late evening stops at bars for sampling the beers & wines.

Where would I go – Greece, Italy, France, Turkey onto Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia then Spain, Portugal, the British Isles, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and to Iceland, Greenland and finally Canada. Stop – I will get off there and I ain’t coming back!

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