Crying Milk Gets The Baby Everytime

I realize that I had forgotten to mention this – a while back, we had a meeting in the board room of our office in which the regional head, a GM, was doing his version of blasting some sense into the employees at the Cochin office, including yours truly. Although his tirade was directed at mostly others, he also did turn to me on two occasions, although much less in intensity at the time.

Although he is a good leader & a very astute businessman, he is famous for his accent and mangling of the English language and I have joined others from time to time in mimicking his vocal delivery. But even I almost broke down in laughter when I heard his make a mistake in repeating a proverb: Instead of saying ‘crying baby gets the milk’ he actually said……’So, crying milk gets the baby‘!

That was almost too much for me and if it hadn’t been for the person sitting in front of me and blocking the view to me, he would have spotted tears coming down my cheeks as I stifled my laughter with my hand over my mouth. And in my mind, I actually saw a cartoonish scene in which a cartoon of milk, with eyes, nose and mouth, is crying out loud and a concerned crawling baby comes to it and pats it and says ‘awww, don’t cry milky’!

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