Cupcakes. Yay Or Nay?

Cupcakes! At one point of time, atleast in India, was the last thing that I would ask for as far as desserts were concerned. Or at a coffee shop! They were usually dry, flat on top and nothing much in terms of taste and all came in one flavour. You needed a cup of coffee or tea just to create enough moistness to push the stuff down your throat and into your stomach.

Nowadays it seems like cupcakes look so much more enticing and delicious and quite fancy. I guess the recent food renaissance in places like Cochin and the rest of India is the hero in this story. With so many channels that have international food, cooking & baking shows and with the internet having literally 1000s of cooking channels, it was inevitable that even the dry cupcake that we were used to would get a make over.

So like in many other countries, we have some places like Bloomsbury, Baker’s Walk & Bake Lady that will make for you a host of deliciously frosted & decorated cupcakes. I am not the biggest fan of cupcakes but I will try out the odd one here or there.

Prompt from 16 WRITING PROMPTS FOR FOOD BLOGGERS at The Food Bloggers of Canada

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