How Much Do You Curse? Why?

A lot and most of the time. I can remember learning curse words as a teen and I have used them liberally and unapologetically throughout the rest of my life till now. I use all these words to let some frustration go, to put emphasis on something and to show my contempt and anger at times. Cursing is a liberating way to let go off some steam as well. I started cursing at the age of 12 and never stopped and have no intention of stopping.

I use the words fuck, shit, bloody, goddamn, asshole, fuckface, jackass, shithead, meathead, motherfucker, assbrain, asshead, dickhead, pussy, cunt, vagina licker, asshole licker, shit eater, father fucker, father’s cocksucker, cocksucker, sperm bucket, sperm drinker, piss off, holy shit etc etc a lot of times during the week. Usually when I get frustrated and angry. Mostly not directed at anyone. Sometimes I curse when watching football games. Often when my team is losing and misses a goal.

These are just words that serve a purpose. I don’t make a big deal about them and neither should you. But if you do – go fuck yourself in the arse with a baseball bat!

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

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