Curve, Storm,Pizzas & Shakes

I went back to work today after a day of rest yesterday (due to Gandhi Jayanthi) and tried to finish off as much work as I could. Now that is hard, especially when a colleague and I started discussing Blackberrys. We were talking about the Curve 83200 (the one that I think I will be getting next month) and the Curve 8900 (pictured here).

??????????? ???????? ? ?????????????? ???????? ????????? ????? ??????

There was a little storm on the horizon this afternoon and as my team and I went to the rooftop cafeteria for a little lunch, at around 1:15 pm, the storm blew in! Man it was windy and pouring rain, so much that it blew away venetian blinds, wicker blind, chairs, glasses & plates. A couple of really thin people were almost blown away. The housekeeping team had to mop up buckets of rain water once it died down. ???? ???? ???? ????? ????

By 3 pm it was hot & sunny! Sreekumar, a guy who was in my team earlier and who now works in Chennai came to visit us forthe first time in 2 months. He took 4 of us to a nearby bakery/fast food place for milkshakes (butter scotch) and small chicken pizzas. Don’t get excited, the pizzas were nothing more flat bread with some cheese, onions & cut up pieces of chicken and tasted bad! ?????? ????? ? ???????????

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