Customers Who Frustrate Even The Most Caring Of Retail Employees

What type of customer email are you most frustrated with?

The entitled and Karen types! Also the really dumb and totally unrealistic types as well as well as the over-dramatic ones. When you work in retail, whether online or otherwise, you tend to have some experiences with dealing with the worst parts of humanity ever. The entitled ones are amongst the worst. The carrier you have assigned to ship their packages to are delayed by a day? “I demand a compensation for the trauma I faced. I want a refund and the item for free and a $100 gift coupon!” For the item that cost $25.

Another sort of entitlement is expecting something more and at a discount because they feel they are special. “You don’t understand. We deserve a better deal. My husband is fighting for the freedoms of this country in another country!” Guess where she is from. If you thought “M’erica” then you win a phone call from her. Also people, there is a return window for most orders. That usually is 30 days with some exceptions. 9 months later you wreck your item and asking for a refund or replacement is not only stupid but also shows your entitlement.

Some are genuine  mistakes and most companies & people in customer care recognize and understand the difference. But there are people who cheat and crib, cry & whine until they get their way. Unfortunately companies policy is that they will allow that to happen rather than stand their ground. But yes some customers, the world over, can be a rather big pain in the ass and throw their toys from their pram at the slightest delay.

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