Cut Off From The World

My internet connection was down all day yesterday. I think it went out at around 9 am in the morning, while I was getting ready to go to work. I thought at that time “Great!” but couldn’t wait and call the ISP up and register a complaint as I wanted to leave.

I got home by 8:30 pm and 20 minutes later checked to see if the connection was up – it wasn’t. I called up the ISP’s customer care number, waited for 10 minutes (or was it more) to get connected and then had this tech guy guide through a lot of steps & checking which led him to understand what I had already know. He had to raise a complaint! There wasn’t any problem with their local server in Cochin (thank the stars, it’s usually down atleast once a week) and so it might be only for a certain area.

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Well, it’s now back on, from about30 minutes back and I can’t finally check my email. download the order movie

5 thoughts on “Cut Off From The World

  1. It’s amazing when something like that happens and suddenly we realize just how dependent we are on technology we otherwise take for granted.

    Glad to hear you got things resolved.

  2. It went back down in an hour and I only got it up now. For 3 days I just got 1 hour of net usage

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