Dad, Mom & Baby

IMG_0986, originally uploaded by computer_saskboy.
I have no idea what this statue is called. I found this photo in Saskboy’s flickr site today. Its located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I think its probably about immigration, as the dad has the bags in his hands and probably a tribute to the immigrants that make up Toronto (49% of her citizens were born elsewhere). Atleast thats what I think it means; I’ve put a comment for Saskboy to let me know what it’s about. Or maybe Toronto Mike can.

3 thoughts on “Dad, Mom & Baby

  1. How interesting. I’ve never seen it before. It’s unusual in style, very ‘cute’ for a public statue. Tell us more!

  2. Hey Selma, I got a little update from Saskboy. It is about Immigrants (it’s called ‘Immigrant’ or ‘Immigrants’, he’s not sure) and its fairly recent compared to most others in Toronto. Saskboy is trying to get more details.

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