Dad Turns 71

Damn! I’ve been so pissed off the last couple of days and especially today; under so much pressure and tension that I completely forgot that today is my dad’s birthday!

I know, shit son that I’ve grown up to be and all that. But I usually remember and this year I didn’t and I felt bad about it when I stepped in the apartment and my dad, mom, sister, niece & nephews were already having a nice dinner and I didn’t even know. Food was inviting & good so a plate was quickly brought for me while I changed my clothes and washed my hands, feet & face.

Nice to have a quite dinner like that. My sister’s daughter is as fussy as can be and she had to wait until everyone was done with their dinner before announcing that she was hungry! Ofcourse there was food kept aside for her. She can get away with it now cause she is just 3.

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