Daddy’s Got New Glasses

I finally got my new glasses. I ordered them last Saturday afternoon at the Lens & Frames outlet on Marine Drive.

The glasses were ready by Tuesday evening 6pm and I was to go get them around 7:45 pm as my normal work shift is  10am-7pm. I worked 10am-9pm on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday so no go. I really wanted to get them yesterday and so as I had come in to work by 9am, I left the office by 7:15pm and rushed to the bus stop. I reached Marin Drive about 8 minutes before 8pm and as I reached Lens & Frames just as they were closing up and pulling the shutters down.

I walked in and handed over the receipt that showed the Rs.1000 that I had paid as advance and he went to get my glasses. Damn the lens look thicker than I had expected. Anyway, design wise the frames about the same as my current glasses and I tend to keep it simple. I paid over the rest and then went over to Coffee Beans for a small sandwich and some delicious cold coffee and admired my purchase.

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Got New Glasses

  1. The frames are pretty much the same as my old ones but the lens are a bit more expensive and are transition glasses.

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