Dad’s Back At Home!

A small post to let any & all of my readers know that my dad is back at home. He was discharged from the hospital by 3pm today. He’s recovering well, the doctor says that the damage is minor and with the treatment plus lots of rest he should bounce back to full health. He has an optional exercise given by the physiotherapist – a sports band that is used to strengthen the hands and feet. Although the doctor says that it is not needed in his case, we’re still going to get the exercise band so he can work with it at home.

He is ordered t have 10 days rest and mum & I are restricting his mobile phone usage. He is not making it easy as every time the phone rings he wants to use it and see who it is. I will be the official fielder of all calls and only important work related ones which cannot be delayed will be handed over to him. Relatives & friends will call on the landline and or visit from time to time. Once he came back home he had tea, a bit of an apple and biscuits and watched some of Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol with my nephew Adhitya and my sister. After that he went for a nap. Late evening my cousin Raju and his wife Leskhmi came for a visit. Post grocery shopping by me, dad has had dinner and his medicines and is now watching really bad Malayalam tv serials – there’s no cure for those, unfortunately!

I’m just glad that he is improving and that there wasn’t much of an issue. That was a huge scare for my family and we’re glad that he is doing better.

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