Dancing The Night Away @ Koramkotta

The house boat idea was scrapped and instead the idea of going to a small resort was thought off. And it was a great idea!

We left the office at around 7:50 pm and took a mini-bus to Marine Drive. We crossed the rickety pier and boarded a boat (with plastic chairs lined on both sides, a stereo system and a lower deck) to head out to the Fortune Isle Resort Situated at Koramkotta Dweep, an islet, just a few kilometers away from Cochin town.

On the boat Bacardi White Rum, Signature & Royal Challenge Whiskey was brought out. There was seven up & soda to add to your drink of choice (but sadly for me, no ice). Spicy chips, fish, chicken & beef snacks were passed around for eveyone as we lifted our glasses in a thunderous cheers that almost rocked the boat! A couple of rounds and much laughter later, we arrived at the little islet.

We alighted from the boat and made our way through to the grounds and took in the calm serenity of the place. That was ok for a few minutes but we wanted action! Done deal. The resort has a small shack with a dance floor & glitzy lights and lazers and a DJ. For the next couple of hours everyone danced their asses off and a couple of us screamed the lyrics of the few rock songs that were in the list of dance hits in English, Hindi & Tamil.

By midnite we were mostly an exhausted group of guys and we slowly made our way outside to the open dining hall. Food awaited our hungry bellies – soup, fried rice, huge fried fish, chicken masala, chilly cauliflaur and chappathis. A small ice cream ended the evening. A couple of the logistics guys made a fool of themselves but overall everyone was well behaved. I had a blast.

However the boat’s battery was dead and we had to wait a long time to get it replaced. I dozed off on the boat and enjoyed the cool wind as we made our way back. Well after 2 am, the boat stopped at the boat jetty back in Marine Drive. We got back into the mini bus and I was the first one to be dropped since I live quite close to Marine Drive. By 2:45 am I was washed and ready for bed, although it took me a while to get to sleep.

And no surprise, I woke up after 9 am today with the mother of all hangovers and a killer headache!

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