Dark Are The Rain Clouds

These are the days when I really wish that I had a small digital camera. The clouds over Kalamassery this morning, while I made my way over to the office, were dark & ominous, much like it would have been in a epic Hollywood movie before a battle or a catastrophe. It looked like the entire area would be plunged into darkness and flooded by the impending rain that I was so sure would fall within the next 10 minutes or less. However it never lived up to the promise, rather just rained intermittently throughout the day.

It’s become quite cold and damp and people are falling ill all over the state. Jaundice and other diseases are spreading throughout and I hope that it dies out soon. Our office has already had 4 people getting ill.

Well, on my way back home it did rain and when it started I thought that it was going to go on for the entire night. But lo! and behold, it has stopped a mere 15 minutes later.

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