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Like a few bands before them, Nickelback has had their share of flack. For no apparent reason other than the fact that they are so successful, the 4 musicians get insults hurled at them. Well, they could care less! Why? Cause they are successful again & again. With their latest album Dark Horse, released Nov 19th, 2008, peaking at #2 in the US & #1 in their homeland of Canada, they can have the last laugh. Oh and certified platinum as of December 22, with sales of around 1,300,000.

We start off with a funky guitar riff that then moves on to the main riff, which lays an infectious groove that makes up the song Something In Your Mouth. Sexual innuendo has always been a big part of the lyrics of the band and it always will. We move on to another cool groove in Burn It To The Ground, a good ole rebelious war cry with drinks and overall anarchy. The next song is their first single off this album and the gem in the cd. Gotta Be Somebody is a foot tappi, high tempo, semi-ballad that is sure to their massive hit of this record. It’s all about waiting to find that special someone, something that I can relate to.

I’d Come For You is an apology to the one that the protagonist loves and has had a fight with. He is letting the person know that she always comes first no matter what. Next Go Round is about violence in a relationship, intense and bordering on the point of obsession. Just To Get High is about a person who lost his battle with drugs and going to get high all the time. The lyrics are from the point of someone who sees his friend do dangerous things just to feed the druggie in him. The song has a cool guitar solo. Never Gonna Be Alone is the obligatory “put your lighters in the air” love ballad professing devotion. They start sounding like Def Leppard from this point on. Not too much but enough for fans to notice.

Shakin’ Hands is about a woman who has slept her way to the top of Hollywood. She didn’t make it this far by shaking hands. S.E.X. is about…..you guessed it! It’s such a cool song that it could even replace the dance  floor hits in a discotheque and it starts of with these machine gun bursts of guitar riffs. If Today Was Your Last Day is a suggestion to change your outlook on life and rethink the way that you live yours. This Afternoon is about hanging out with your friends, smoking a little weed and having fun. It sounds like the band is unwinding after a long & weary world tour.

With the introduction of Mutt Lange on production, Nickelback sounds like a heavier Bryan Adams meets Def Leppard. Those overdubs and chorus of vocals that we are so familiar with. Luckily its not too much but it’s still obvious. It’s still a great album and their success runs is still going on strong. However I would like more songs like Animals from the last one. Here’s the video for Gotta Be Somebody.

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