Day 1 Babysitting Barfi

Well I spent last evening and the entire night at my sister & brother-in-law’s apartment. While they are away on holiday with my two nephews and niece, their 1.5 year old pug Barfi is being taken care of by my sister’s in laws (who live in the same building). However to give them a break from the energetic young monster, my sis asked me if I could go and take Barfi in to her apartment and stay there for a few nights during the next 7 days. I said ok and so yesterday evening at around 7 I went to the building and took Barfi off of my sister’s in laws’s hands.

Barfi was happy to see me (I have only spent time with him twice before this) and came with me eagerly. We went in and he settled down after a few minutes of me playing with him and a teddy bear. There wasn’t much left to do in the evening so I waited till 8:15 pm and then heated up his food and gave him his dinner. Once he also had some water, I took him outside so he could do his business. We came back up to the apartment and then I made myself some dinner while he started dozing off.


At around 9:30 pm I lay in bed with a novel while Barfi kept playing with his chew toy and the teddy bear. In between he would nap while sitting – he looked like a funny looking Laughing Buddha in that pose . However my sister neglected to tell me that Barfi sleeps on the bed – on either of my two nephews’ beds. That’s what he is used to. So he kep jumping on the bed in the room I was in and I kept chasing him away! I tried leaving him outside the room and closing the door but he kept scratching at the door!


At around 11:30 pm I let him back in and switched the lights off to go to sleep. He fell asleep on his little doggie bed but at around 2 am I woke up to find him sleeping right next to me on the bed. LOL, I actually got a fright as I opened my eyes to see two big eyes in the dim light . Then I put him out of the bedroom and on his doggie bed and he was too sleepy to come back in and so I closed the door and slept without incident. I guess tonight I’ll let him sleep on the bed near me.

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