Day 1 Of The New Year

Last night’s drinking caught up with me as soon as I reached home. I barely had time to lock the door to my room, take my clothes off and wear my sleep stuff. I fell asleep with the lights on and woke up around 4 am with the driest mouth I have ever experienced. A long cold drink of water later, I felt like reading since sleep would be difficult now. So I started reading Star Trek TNG : A Call To Darkness from where I had left off. A few pages down the line I was asleep again.

I woke up around 9 and felt very hungry and caffine deprived, so I toasted some bread and had a couple of eggs a la bull-eye. Sat watching some football while sipping my strong black coffee and eating my hearty breakfast. Satisfied, I came online and wished everyone I knew a happy new year via IRC.

flight from ashiya online Didn’t do much else as I was too tired. In the evening I munched on Lays and had a sprite to cool off. Damn these mosquitoes! They are sucking up my blood at a litre an hour! At this rate I will be drained off by Easter!

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Song for the day – “The Crush Of Love” – JOE SATRIANI

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