Day 2 Babysitting Barfi

The second evening with Barfi went without much incident as well. Reached there by 6:45 pm got Barfi from my sister’s in laws’ place and me and the Barfster went to the apartment and chilled for bit. While I had a coffee, he feel asleep at my feet as I got online. When I got hungry, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich and Barfi wanted some of it as well. I broke off a piece and placed it in his bowl but dude was insistent that he wanted what was in my hand itself! So he ended up with half my sandwich.

At 8:30 pm I gave him his dinner and then took him out for a little walk. He slept as I made my little dinner and ate it in peace. However at night he didn’t sleep in the same room as me, he was playing with his toys out in the living room and didn’t even bother to check up on me at all. Here’s another video I made in the morning just after I gave Barfi his breakfast.

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