Dead Baby Bat

Damn it! A baby bat flew into our apartment through the open balcony door and kept flying around in the living room. Mom called me as I was sitting in my room at the computer with the doors closed and as I came out I see this thing flying towards me and I duck.The bat kept flying in circles around the room seemingly in a panic to get outside but it couldn’t find it’s way out to the balcony and into the darkness of the night. Mom kept yelling and backed out slowly into the main bedroom while I took out the mosquito bat (a thicker badminton racquet or olden style tennis racquet that is used to kill mosquitoes with the wires that have electricity running through them when you press a button) and used it to try and maneuver the bat towards the balcony door.

I tried chasing it towards the door but the poor bugger went straight to ceiling fan, which was at high speed, and hit it once. It still kept flying in circles and I hoped it would go to the balcony but it kept coming for me and I ducked again while lashing out with the mosquito bat. The bat missed my mosquito bat and kept flying again until it finally flew straight into the fan, hit it and died. His wings were cut, sheared in half and he died almost instantly with a little bit of blood fallen on the ground. We swept the dead baby bat and threw it outside.

Bye baby Bruce. You didn’t live long in this world.

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