Deadfall (2012)

Deadfall is a 2012 crime drama starring Eric Bana, Charlie Hunnam, Olivia Wilde, Sissy Spacek, Kris Krisopherson, Kate Mara & Treat Williams. Although there seems to be older movies called “Deadfall” the plots don’t seem to be connected. The movie also has a theme of broken & dysfunctional families running throughout the plot.

Addison & Liza are siblings who are escaping with a 3rd associate after a casino heist in Michigan that went wrong. Their goal is to sneak into Canada during a snow blizzard but they hit a deer and crash the car, killing the driver. Addison kills a state trooper who happened to be passing by and radioed the crash. Brother and sister change into warmer clothes and walk through the woods, separating after splitting the cash and hoping to contact each other when one or the other reaches close to the border. A few hours later Liza, shivering in the snow is found by Jay, a former medal winning boxer, who has just been released from prison. When he goes to confront his former coach, who had betrayed him, and demands the money the coach owes him the two get into a fight and Jay inadvertently and seriously injures him. Thinking he has killed him, Jay flees, fearing he will be sent back to jail. Jay is in the small town to see his estranged father and mother for Thanksgiving but isn’t happy with his father’s cold reaction to him. Jay tells Liza, who doesn’t tell him her name and hence calls her “Patricia” that he’ll drop her off in town.

Deputy Hannah (Kate Mara), visits Jay’s parents at their home, and they invite her to join them for their Thanksgiving dinner. After returning to the police station, she is treated poorly by her father, sheriff Becker (Treat Williams), who does not want to include her in the hunt for the unknown criminals. She has been accepted to be trained to become an FBI agent, and the station secretary encourages her to live her life and not worry about her father. Hannah is clearly torn and she excuses her father’s behavior because of the loss of his wife, even though it was years ago. Meanwhile Addison finds an older man working on a snowmobile and attacks and kills him to steal the vehicle but also loses a pinky finger in the process.  invades a cabin near the woods and kills the abusive father of the family. After dumping the man’s body, he tends to the distraught wife and her children. He “thinks” while drinking and talking to the oldest child, Lisa, whom he mistakenly called Liza earlier in the evening. In town, Jay & Liza stop at a bar for drinks and are told that due to the blizzard and the search for the trooper’s killer, the road are closed till morning. Liza sneaks back to Jay’s car and finds his address on letters and leaves a message for Addison that she will be at Jay’s house the next day. She goes back in and flirts with Jay and the two spend the night in a room having sex and getting romantically involved, telling each other their stories.

The next morning, realizing that she has feelings for Jay, Liza calls Addison to say that Jay left her, that she couldn’t proceed with the plan and that she’ll find another ride. When Jay notices Liza has left, he chases her and confesses his feelings for her. Liza starts by saying it was only a fling in an effort to protect Jay. Liza tells Jay that her brother Addison was her protector from their abusive father, who was killed when they were young. She confides in him how she wants to have a family of her own instead of being messed up. Hannah gets a call from the worried mother of the woman in the cabin where Addison has taken over and goes with two other deputies to investigate. Hannah finds the dead body of the husband but cannot warn one of the deputies in time as Addison kills him and takes off on a snowmobile. Hannah and the other deputy chase but Addison tricks the deputy into an accident, which kills him. Addison arrives at Jay’s house and holds his parents captive. When Liza and Jay arrive for Thanksgiving dinner, June steps out and tells him about the situation, startling Liza. They all eat dinner together. Addison realizes Liza is involved with Jay when she acts protectively of him and his family. Hannah receives a call from a Detroit detective about Jay’s coach who received only a concussion after the fight. She arrives at the house and is also taken captive by Addison.

The sheriff goes to Jay’s parent’s home and goes in to investigate, accidentally shooting his own daughter, whom Addison had wear his jacket. Her wound is not fatal but Addison then shoots the sheriff dead. A struggle between Jay and Addison ensues outside with Jay overpowering Addison, but releasing him when Liza begs him, reminding Jay that Addison is her brother. Addison points another gun at Jay and challenges Jay about whether he loves Liza, to which Jay says he does. Before Addison can harm Jay, Liza fatally shoots Addison. The movies ends as police back-up arrive.

It isn’t a great movie with an abrupt ending and not a very original but predictable plot. The acting is good but nothing to shout about. Overall I was disappointed as I expected more from a good cast. 6 outta 10!

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