Dear ICICI Bank

During the days between the 22nd of December 2011 & 7th of January, I have withdrawn money from ATMs that are not owned / installed by you. I’ve taken the money out from ATMs of the State Bank of India and I think from a Federal Bank ATM as well. Each time I received an extra SMS from you which informed me that I had withdrawn money from a non-ICICI bank ATM and that ICICI has many ATMS in the city, state, nation blah blah blah!

Thank you for that information. Well I don’t have an ICICI right next to my apartment; I have an SBI ATM within 2 minutes of walking distance. But both times I withdrew cash from the SBI ATM was while I had left the office where I had been for interviews. There in the very next building was an SBI ATM and I needed cash urgently and I withdrew it. Same as yesterday; I was out shopping for some stuff and looking everywhere for an ATM and I found an SBI ATM near the cafe I was going to go to right after my purchases. Had they been all ICICI ATMs I would have gladly gone in but no they weren’t

Please try to setup a few more ATMs near me and the places I usually go to and I promise to never step into another bank’s ATM again. Honest. Call me or email me for my address and the place I usually go to.

Warm regards


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