December Is Hot & We Have Mosquitoes!

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFireIt’s December and even if we here in South India don’t get a winter season – no snow, no ice and not even cold weather – and it’s usually just warm, this year it is really bad! Last year we had mornings that were cool with a little bit of morning mist. By mid morning it would be warm and kinda normal but it wasn’t that hot during December-January. This year not so much!

This year it’s mostly hot with more heat piling up. It’s quite sunny and hot these days, from say around 9 am till evening 6pm when atleast the sun goes down – and it is getting darker than usual this month. I’ll give the season atleast that much. But the evenings are worse cause I can’t keep the windows open. It’s hot and sweaty and even if there isn’t much of a breeze I’d love to be able to keep the windows open but I can’t because of all these damn mosquitoes! I’m finding it hard to sleep at night because of them bastard vampire insects buzzing around me all night long, going into my nostrils, my ears and flying into my face and biting me all over. I guess I’m going to have to get some mosquito repellent (I’m allergic to most of them) sooner rather than later.

Damn, I hate Kacheripady when it comes to mosquitoes. Having lived in a place that didn’t a problem for 19 years and then moving here to find that this is a mosquito haven, ugh! And the heat, shit we’re all gonna need personal airconditioner packs some day soon! Global warming – and to think there are idiots who think that global warming is a myth!! Don’t they read the papers, morons? This is all because of mankind being irresponsible and having causes depletion in the ozone layer.

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