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For all you Star Trek fans out there, this one is for you : How would you rate Deep Space 9 compared to the other 4 series? I must tell you that I hadn’t seen any episodes of DS9 till a couple of days ago but I had already written it off as the least exciting of the lot. I dunno why that is. Perhaps the thought of a Space station behind the epi-center of the series – it didn’t offer many possibilities to me. Somehow, it seemed to me even if I never saw any episodes of DS9 ever, it wouldn’t bother me since I had the other 4 to keep me occupied. I had written them off; I had even placed Enterprise above them and that is major if you knew just how much I hate Scott Bakula and how wrong I think the other actors are for the roles!

the international movie Three nights ago I had completed downloading the pilot episode of DS9 and watched it in it’s entirety. I was also able to download another episode from season 6, the one in which Dax & Worf get married. My opinions – I do not like the quarters of the space station, I do not like the sets at all. I do not like the choice of Avery Brooks as a captain; he looks so unnatural in the pilot. He looks like a dumbo and his acting is all out of whack! I suppose it gets better in later years as in the season 6 episode. He was much better there.

I like Gul Dukat as the villain. I like the fact that Worf & O’Brien moved to DS9 (the series really needed them I think). I just love Terry Farrell and she is lovely as Dax. I like some other aspects as well but none as much as the USS Defiant. This is a great looking fighter ship. A shame they destroyed it well before the series ended. It’s got a great design and looks like it’s built for causing damage rather than comfort.

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So that’s all 5 series that I have seen atleast some episodes of. I have downloaded a few more episodes of DS9 and I hope it’s as good as the one from season 6.

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  1. The thing about DS9 which was different from most other Treks was that the episode story arcs were much longer lasting and complex. The Dominion War was a great story line. The Ferengi episodes are funny and are good commentary on 20th century human greed. I’d highly recommend downloading the series in order and watching it that way, rather than jumping around, because you’ll get more out of it, and things will make more sense.

  2. Hi John, I wish I could download the entire series but I haven’t had luck in downloading the Voyager series from the link you sent me a couple of months ago. I’m trying to get it on dvd and in fact I’m headed to that shop in an hour or so. I’ll look around for DS( as well.
    I still haven’t got enough to actually keep me interested that much in the series. Maybe you are right and I have to watch it in order for me to fully appreciate it. At the moment, it’s not doing much for me. Total episodes downloaded of DS9 is now 7.

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