Definitely, Maybe

The only bad thing about this movie is the title – it reminds me of an album by Oasis, who I cannot stand!

Anyway, with a good story and a wonderful cast, how can this movie miss? The film stars Ryan Reynolds as Will Hayes, a 38 year old about to be divorced father of a precocious 8 year old daughter. After she begs him to, he tells her the story of his love life, featuring the 3 women who he has loved – one of whom is his soon to be ex and his daughter’s (Abigail Breslin) mom. He changes the names of the women with the exception of April, the woman he still pines for. Will was a speech writer for the Clinton campagin in 1992 and met April (Isla Fisher) there. He had left behind his college sweetheart Emily (Elizabeth Banks) in his hometown in Wisconsin to work in New York.

The 3rd woman was Summer (Rachel Weisz) an authour and briefly Emily’s lesbian lover as well. Will falls in love with each of the women at different stages of his life. Emily turns down his marriage proposal after saying that she slept with his college roommate as she knew that both Will and her were on different paths in life. He becomes close friends with April and becomes involved with Summer. However he has a falling out with Summer when she writes a scathing expose on his boss which effectively ends the boss’s political career and Will’s life as a campagin consultant.

Drunk and disillusioned with life after that and when the Lewinsky scandal breaks out, he turns to alcohol and drinks himself into a stupor. On his birthday, while at a party arranged by his friends, he realizes that he loves April but ends up insulting her. He is upset that she is dating someone and loses touch with her soon. At a party a few years later, he reunites with Emily who he later marries and has a daughter with.

Towards the end of the story his daughter understands that her father still loves April and encourages him to seek her out. He does and after some difficulty she is convinced that he is the one for her. She invites father & daughter into her house.

It’s funny, it’s sweet and I loved it. 9 outta 10!

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