Deja Vu

Déjà vu, which is a French word and literally means “already seen”, is the phenomenon of believing an event or experience has occurred in the past. It’s a very common experience for all of us humans (not sure about cats, dogs and other animals). But we do and I’m sure those of you reading this have experienced it atleast a few dozen times in their lifetimes. I have felt it several times in my life and I wish I could explain some of it. A lot of them are very easy to explain – conversations that I have had with people, going to a regular place, watching a movie/tv series episode. We have all felt that we have said or heard the words being said somewhere, sometime ago.

Having conducted a lot of training sessions since 2006, I sometimes get the feeling that I have taken a particular slide, or given a particular explanation or even quoted a particular incident earlier. I get confused – “did I already take this or speak to you about this before today?” 99.9% the case is that I haven’t taken it for that bunch of people but it was for an earlier batch and it’s just that it’s fresh in my memory. That is quite frequent. I stop in between and wonder “Hey didn’t I just have this speech earlier with these same people?” And I even ask them just to be sure but it’s a funny feeling when that happens.

Sometimes when I am with friends or relatives and we are discussing something and in between I feel like “deja vu” and it gets weird for a while. Similarly when I go to some places, even if it is for the very first time, I feel like I have been here before, walked these floors, touched these walls and stuff. But I dismiss them as just my mind playing tricks on me. Since I don’t believe in past lives and stuff, I don’t believe that I went to this place in a previous life. That’s the stuff for bad Indian movies! Ugh!

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