Describe Your Life In An Alternate Universe

Ah something that I dream about all the time, day dreaming, nigh dreaming, while sitting in the loo, while on the bus ride to and fro work, while having coffee/soft drinks/beer/vodka by myself in the evenings or the weekend. It’s on my mind a whole lot and I’ve created several different versions of it. I’ve posted some of it on various posts throughout the years on this blog. Here is the simpler one, one that could have been if I had studied hard and got good grades. In this alternate universe:

At the age of 23, after completing an engineering degree in computer software, I move to Canada (select Vancouver or Ottawa) chosen to work for a mid-sized software development company that also does work for some bigger companies. So August 1999 just after my 23rd birthday, I fly in a plane to Canada and meet up with the company representatives who recruited me and then get taken to my 1 bedroom apartment downtown. After a day and a half to recover from jet lag, I go to the office and am introduced to my peers and take to my workstation. I meet my colleagues who will soon become my friends and get oriented to the job. My first few weeks are like this – work, getting accustomed to a new climate, culture & country, home, sleep and repeat. First pay check comes and I go with my new friends to a bar and have some beers. This becomes a routine with my friends – drinks on the weekends. I buy clothes and especially winter wear .

Two  and a half years later, with a little better pay grade, I find a nice 2 bedroom place with bigger rooms – enough to make the second bedroom a home office/library and also with enough space to entertain and have parties. Things go really well and in 2001, almost 3 years after I left, I come back home to Cochin for a month to spend with my folks, sister and cousins. A month later I’m back in Canada and having a good time – both working and playing. At the age of 26 I meet this wonderful Anglicized French Canadian redhead who’s the ultimate woman I’ve dreamed about. I become friends with her and soon start dating. Our routine goes likes this – weekdays it’s either coffee or dinner a couple of days and we spend the weekends together alternating between her place and mine. This goes on for 4 years until we decide to get married and find a nice big condo/house for ourselves. So before that I have to visit Cochin again and spend some time with y family and tell them about the wonderful girl I’m seeing. Ofcourse me marrying a white Canadian is not exactly what my parents had hoped for their son but we’re both atheists so what do we care about nationality & ethnicity. This is when I’m still 29 and I go back to Canada and propose to my girl and we agree to get married in 2006 when we both will be 30. I arrange for my parents & sister to come to Canada for the wedding.

So just before the marriage my girl and I find this awesome duplex condo or house (take your pick) which is just perfect for us. 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 balcony and 1 den where I store my library and dvds and later blurays and my home office, separate kitchen and latest kitchen appliances, with huge fridge for storing my beers and a wine cooler. A couple of years later we decide to expand our little family and get 2 dogs and 2 cats. And 6 years have passed and everything is just sweet. Now, how do I get to this alternate timeline?

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