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My bedroom. I live in a small 3 bedroom apartment with my folks and it’s on the 7th and top most floor of a building. Just 2 apartments per floor so just 14 in all. My room is on left side of the end of the apartment, if you look at the front door to be the front of the apartment. The second bathroom is next to my room, not attached but right next to my room and just adjacent to the bathroom is the common room which serves as the room with the iron board, library & storage room and prayer room for my folks.

So on the left side of the bathroom, and my door faces the door of the common room, is my bedroom. Ofcourse I have the queen size bed, which I push against the wall. As said before, I only use half of the bed despite my size – lonely bachelor I’m still leaving the right side of my bedroom for whichever woman wants to share it with me. Ofcourse I am kidding – not just any woman! I have standards you know! I have a small computer table on which my laptop, speakers, some dvds, 4 external hard drives and various other stuff rests. A chair for me to rest my ass on while I spend most of my free time on my computer. I also have a steel cupboard in my bedroom and a round clothes rack and I also have an old computer chair, which is damaged but still serves as a bit of storage for me – I keep some books and stuff on it.

I also have a built in cupboard to go with the steel cupboard. The built in cupboard is where I keep my clothes – underwear, shirts, trousers, more books and sorted files and cheque books in some of the drawers. Other than that there is nothing else, save for the cable for my broadband connection that comes through the windows and upto my desk which is on the wall opposite from the window. I have an artwork framed and a clock and that’s truly it!

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