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I finally got round to cleaning my desk. My computer desk is a small one – my 15.6 in laptop, 2 speakers and a mouse almost cover the entire top of the desk. Yes it is that small! I also store two of my external hard drives in the keyboard slot/slip drawer. There is a small rack below on which I have my modem/router, a large four outlet extension plug and my 50 blank dvd set resting on it. The bottom rack is split into two – the smaller one has my Western Digital 1 TB drive and 2 20 set CD cases on which most of my mp3s are stored and the bigger section had a huge 100+ set of DVD-R on which I have stored copies of some movies, mp3s and tv series. I have some spare batteries, a coffee mug in which I store some pens and stuff, an old hard drive which is dead and my copy of Wayne’s World.

Mine is a dusty city and we get a lot of dust blowing in throw the windows as the cars, trucks, bikes & autos pass by on the road below. You should see the amount of dust that was collecting on the desk, on each rack and on top of the dvds that used to be kept here. I took a couple of old cloth rags, wet them and cleaned the entire desk last night. I even cleaned the DVD-R cases and the plastic covers of the dvds that I had on my desk racks. It looks neater and I organized my dvds into my steel cupboard (I still don’t have a proper shelfs set that I can keep them on) and the desk finally looks a little clean. This weekend I will spend some more time organizing my dvds in alphabetical order and clean the desk out some more.

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  1. My desk at home is a pig stye. I’m now less amazed at how my Dad always manages to construct a desk that looks the same way, even though I’d spend time organizing his so I could use it too at times.

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