Dinner & American Idol 8

I left the office at around 7:30 pm and as I got out of the bus at my stop, I remember that since there was nothing at home to eat, I needed to buy something for my dinner. Being alone was fine; it mean a quite dinner in front of the tv and perhaps a movie or two.

So I bought some chicken 65 and some fried rice and walked back home. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have bought something cold to drink, it still being hot and humid. Right now, all I have to drink is room temprature water, so I’ve just put a bottle in the freezer.

So I switched on the tv and watched American Idol while I ate. I haven’t been following the show in recent years and I guess I was never a big fan of it. But since I love music, I tried to see how good the participants were this year and who was the best.

I gotta say that I really like Danny Gokey – I thought he was down to earth and he has a good set of pipes. He really soared at the end. Sad to hear about the tragic death of his wife. And ofcourse I gotta give my support to the Indian boy – 22 year old Indo-American Anoop Desai! I heard that he had some tough love given to him earlier, especially by Simon Cowell but tonight he was on and everyone thought he did great. Nice set of vocals on him as well.

2 thoughts on “Dinner & American Idol 8

  1. Good lord! Every time I visit your blog layout is different, sometimes I have to double-check to see if I’m in the right place!

    I do love it though, so not complaining.

    Hope the chicken was tasty

  2. OH no Techno, I’ve changed it back. I was just trying a theme on, but I did not like it that much. And last night when I tried changing it back, my net connection was very slow, so I thought I’d leave it on till this morning.

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