Disconnected From Blogging

I’ve not been getting internet connection properly for about 2 days (you will notice the slowness in blog posting and the lesser numbers as I was blogging from the office). Monday night it rained a lot and by 10:30 pm or so my net got disconnected. Content to watch some tv for an hour or so until bed time, I didn’t bother to call up their customer care service and register a complaint.

buster movie download the scarlet claw movie Tuesday morning when I checked my PC the connection wasn’t back on yet. A little annoyed I waited for an hour and then called up their Call Center and registered a complaint with them. The girl who answered the call asked for the preferred timings as to when I would be home to check the status and I said that I would be home between 9 pm till 9:30 am. The TAT was 24 hours, so I thannked her and kept the call.

download the pearl of death The connection wasn’t fixed this morning as well but by 4:30 pm I got a call from them asking if I could check the status. Now this company is notorious for not taking down all the details (I’ve had problems with them before download underdog online ). I held my temper in check and told the girl who called me that I had mentioned to her colleague that I would be at home only around 9 pm, so could she call me back then? She mumbled something about their call back department doing a 9-6 shift or something, so I said fine! Call me in the morning!

Well, I was expecting that the problem would be solved by the time I reached home. It wasn’t! So I called once again but this time while I was on the phone, the guy was able to fix my issue and voila! I am back online. I wonder what he did!

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