Disconnected & Frustrated

Well I’m back online….atlast. I last used the internet during the early hours of Monday morning, 3am till 3:30am. I had to leave for the office early that day due to the 12 hour bandh in the state/nation and I reached home around 7pm that night. Unfortunately when I came home that evening, I also noticed that my internet connection was out. A call to Tata Indicom’s call center quickly let me know that there was no server problem and hence it might be a cable issue, either in my abode or on the streets.

The issue wasn’t fixed the next day either and I complained again. I got the standard response “sir, we’re sending a strong reminder and asking the tech team to give utmost importance to your problem. It will be rectified as soon as possible”. I am so tired of hearing this. I waited all Tuesday and all of Wednesday. Yesterday I was told that the tech team would call me and I did get a call in the evening asking me if I was at home as the problem was fixed but that they also needed to make a change in the router IP. I said that I would reach home quite late but that since my folks were at home they could go ahead and pay my apartment a visit. They said ok…..and the buggers didn’t show up!

This morning at just before 8am I called up and told the girl who handled my call that the issue was still looming large and that no one had showed up despite the problem. From her tone I knew that she just wanted to close the call as soon as possible, so I asked her to escalate the call to a supervisor. She first hesitated then said that she would check for availability and a little hold later informed me that no supervisor was available at the moment. She then promised me a call back….which never happened! What is wrong with this company’s customer service?

I’ve stuck around only on loyalty; I’ve been their customer for more than 3 years. For the first two years I barely noticed any issues but since then it is getting extremely bad. If there is a server issue that means no internet connectivity for 2 days straight. I am promised a call back and no one does bother to pick up the call. I’m told that an engineer would visit my apartment to get the thing fixed and no one shows up for a day. I’m not sure that I want to continue with this ISP anymore and I’m going to check out other options. Any suggestions?

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