Do Not Become This!

Do you ever find yourself doing something your parents used to do when you were a kid, despite the fact you hated it back then?

Well perhaps little things but I just wanted to share something my sister posted on our cousins’ Whatapp group a couple of days ago.

Apparently when my sister goes all parental, complaining and argumentive with her kids, especially her two older sons, they plead with her to stop becoming “mummy”! Mummy as in my sister’s and my mother aka their grandmother. See my nephews and niece call their mother (my sister) “amma” which is the Malayalam word for mother but because they have grown up hearing my mother being referred to as “mummy” by my sister & me from day 1, they also call my mom that.

Now my mother is a frantic, don’t do this, don’t do that, worries and complains all the time, over motherly and over fussy and “what are they eating, drinking, pooping, sleeping, wearing” kinda mom that turned into the same but older version as a grandma. So when they say that to her, my sister’s reply is “I won’t as long as you pick up your stuff and put them away, do the small chores I ask you to do and behave”! And then they do as they have been told. Which works both ways :D

I found that so funny!

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5 thoughts on “Do Not Become This!

  1. Blackmail !!! Haranguing !!! ..hehe haha…
    Well at least for now you can laugh from the sidelines .. :-) until you don’t get included in her barbs …
    e.g. “Uncle Roshan is setting a bad example to my kids .. blah ..blah… hehe haha… ..kidding…

  2. “Rosh stop swearing in front of my kids… ” hehe haha… ..kidding…
    and that provides the cue for them to start chewing at your ears… @$@#%^ @^&@#
    their high pitch whining brings to mind one of those familiar guitar solos riffs.. and you feel like James Hetfield gnashing his teeth …. and some familiar lyrics start playing in your mind…
    You’re the one who’s blamed
    Do (do)
    Do my work
    Do my dirty work, scapegoat
    Do (do)
    Do my deeds
    For you’re the one who’s shamed
    I’m your pain when you can’t feel
    Sad but true”
    hehe haha… lol. and then you say
    Sanitarium, leave me be….
    Sanitarium, just leave me alone…. and hear more guitaring in the background and do a runner…

  3. Amma: why are you shaking your head.. I am talking to you ??
    Kid : to himself (Head- banging to high pitch guitar solo playing in my mind ) :P

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